10 Things you need to know when you rent a car in Dubai

Tips Renting a Car in Dubai
Renting a car in Dubai is a hassle-free experience, at least at Yes Sure car rental. But you should always keep in mind the 10 most important aspects when renting a car in Dubai.

1- Terms and Conditions:
Reading terms and conditions beforehand provides a better understanding and definition between the company’s and customer’s responsibilities. The terms and conditions section also gives the customer a clear understanding about the rental process which will be undertaken upon the customer’s agreement.

2- Vehicle Status:
In order to reach ultimate satisfaction, it is recommended that the client checks the required car before signing the agreement. An inspection or test drive are always present upon customer’s request. Know the condition of your vehicle before renting it.

3- Insurance:
Insurance plays a major role when renting a car and post service. Have a better understanding of our insurance policies concerning rates, coverage, and requirements at Yes Sure Car Rental in advance.
Insurance policy differs from a car rental agency to another. It is recommended you ask about the age limit, the excess amount, the comprehensive insurance and the driving license limitations.

4- Mileage:
Yes Sure Car Rental provides complete information regarding mileage limits depending on the rental period and the customer’s desired option. Make sure to ask for the allowed mileage for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly rentals.

5- Security Deposit:
Security deposits as known, should be paid in advance to ensure mutual responsibilities between the car rental company and the customer. Learn more about what affects the security deposit, prices and return date (by cash or card blocking). Mainly, the security deposit is acquired by car rental companies to secure a certain amount of money if a fine appears late. At Yes Sure car rental Dubai, a security deposit amount can be in cash or credit card authorization, cheques are not accepted. If you are a tourist and you don’t have a credit card or you don’t want to use your credit card and you wish to leave a security deposit in cash then at Yes Sure Car Rental Dubai, we can refund you the amount via wire transfer or deposit it in your bank account. Some people wish to leave their credit card details and authorize the company to withdraw necessary amount, as the blocked amount will be released automatically after 30 days. You can always choose the credit card authorization method as it is hassle-free.

6- Copy of Agreement:
An agreement paper is a document that summarizes a deal between the two parties. Thus keeping a copy of the rental agreement is essential. You can always keep the copy of the car rental agreement in the car glove box as you will use it only when necessary.

7- Registration:
It is always essential to drive a car with its valid registration. Check the original registration or the registration copy which is placed inside the car and be attentive to couple of things. The registration is for the same car you are renting. The registration date and insurance are still valid. Never rent a car where the registration has expired.

8- Permission to cross UAE border:
If you are a tourist or a resident where you want to cross the UAE border, probably enter Oman with the rental car. It is always recommended to ask your car rental agency if it’s allowed. Don’t forget to ask also about the insurance in Oman.

9- Salik and Traffic Fines

Most of car rental companies charge an extra amount for Salik passes and for traffic fines. If not informed by the customer service, make sure to ask about the charges for Salik and Fines. At Yes Sure Car Rental Dubai, and to ensure credibility, we always print the Salik passes and the Fines. A copy will be given to you upon renewal or return of the car. You can also request for the copy to be sent to your email.

10- Car Accessories
If you are a tourist or a resident whereby you are still unfamiliar with the roads in Dubai, then you might need a GPS. If you are a family with children then you might need children car seats. Some of the rental companies offer these accessories at an extra cost. No need to buy these car accessories, as you can always rent them as will so make sure to ask the car rental company of any car accessories you require. At Yes Sure car rental Dubai, we avail most types of accessories. Make sure to ask our customer service representatives about your requirements.