Driving tips in the UAE

Due to culture diversity, having a lot of nationalities can be a bit of a complicated experience when it comes to driving in Dubai. In addition to the large and fast roads present, drivers should be careful not to fall into the careless category especially the younger generation.
Some tips to help you make driving safe and easier:
– Distance, always keep a safe distance between you and the car ahead. Some drivers till try to merge into the safe distance, it’s up to you to maintain that distance again. This also helps if the car in front of you suddenly stopped, always remember the 3 second rule
– Visibility, pay attention during the night for drivers with tinted windows. Drivers’ sight tend to decline due to heavy tinted windows, make sure you are aware of that. Also, some inexperienced drivers might not consider the need for headlights at night, keep in mind you that you might face some difficulties on the road due to others lack of experience
– Speeding, as you have noticed, Dubai is occupied with powerful SUVs and fast cars. The Sheikh Zayed Road can be dangerous to drivers if they are not too attentive. Best advice given here can be to stay out of the way of those drivers, and try avoiding to stay long on the last left lane.
– Hard Shoulder Driving, this is a specific lane for emergency uses. If you are facing difficulties while driving such as a flat tire or so. It is advised to stand behind the safety barrier rather than the hard shoulder. This is because several drivers take the hard shoulder to avoid traffic jams although heavy fines are issued.
– Wet or Foggy Weather, although this condition doesn’t occur often. It is important to have general knowledge regarding the weather issue in the Gulf region. When visibility becomes unclear, turn your hazard lights on and try to stay on the right lane of the road or the second one. If conditions get worse during a sandstorm or fog patch, pull over into a garage, gas station or nearest place you can locate.
– Hand Gestures, try to avoid the use of hand gestures indicating anger or insult. Giving the finger might result in a big fine and in some cases jail. Swearing is not found upon at all in the UAE, this will cause you trouble more than you would have back in your hometown.

Driving tips in the UAEDriving tips in the UAE1