Here are the things that you can do to have the most fun this Eid!

Eid Al Adha is just around the corner – are you ready to celebrate it with your friends and family? Is your itinerary already set? Where do you plan to spend it – at home or outdoors?

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So, if you are planning to get away this Eid, you can come and visit us to avail our deals efficiently – or if not, you can try these things below to prepare for the upcoming Eid:

1. Hosting Your Own Party

Being with your family, relatives, and close friends are still one of the best ways to celebrate Eid or any occasion for that matter. It’s still better to be surrounded with important people in your life during the most relevant events each year.

2. Secret Eida

If you are planning to celebrate Eid at home, why not prepare Secret Eida to spice things up a bit? If you are familiar with Secret Santa, it’s just kind of the same thing – buying each other’s gift without letting the receiver know right away that it’s from you. They would need to guess – it’ll be fun.

3. Have fun with your kids

Why not decorate your home with the help of your kids? It’ll be a perfect day to spend quality time with your kids especially before school starts once again. Give them a summer to remember.

4. Make Food

What foods are preeminent during this season? Perhaps samosas, patties, muffins, and candies for your kids! Have a soulful Eid Al Adha through having a meal together with your family or friends.

And if you still want to go out and spend the day outside, you can come to us at Yes Sure Car Rental and give you the best car rental in Dubai – tell us the car you want, the time and duration from which you’ll use it, and trust that we’ll make things easy for you so you will have the best Eid, ever!