Rent a Car in Dubai Airport – Dubai Airport Car Rental Terminal 1, 2, 3

Being one of the busiest airports, the Dubai Airport has held a significant increase of passengers, totaling to 69.9m for international travel in 2014 (The Telegraph). An outstanding number occupied with huge shopping places and boutiques, but you could also imagine the negative outcome of the mentioned aspect.

Why waste money on Taxis when you’re already a bit stressed, and we all know how the lines are stacked with passengers in all of the Terminal Exists just so they could pick up a taxi. Save yourself the trouble and rent a car in Dubai airport Terminal 1, terminal 2 or terminal 3 from Yes Sure Car Rental.


Your budget determines what the best appropriate car rental option is, as it may vary from a small hatchback to a saloon or an SUV. When choosing to rent a car in Dubai airport, it is highly recommended you surf the internet and search for a car hire which best meets your preferences. Do not overcome the terms and conditions of car rental companies in Dubai. If you wish to economize on car rental cost then opt for a rent a car in the city and not in Dubai airport rent a car kiosks. Small buses or Mini Vans are also available at Yes Sure Car Rental. If you are a family of more than 5 persons then we recommend renting the Hyundai H1 for example or a Toyota Innova.

By reserving online or by just calling, you could rent a car in Dubai Airport where the driver will be waiting for you to deliver the car of your choice with all paperwork ready with only a few minutes to finish. Yes Sure Car Rental also offers tourists or other passengers to rent a car in Terminal 2 in case you are with a different airline company.

Our aim is to deliver customer satisfaction through a fast service without the need of visiting our offices to rent a car whether for tourists or welcoming back passengers.

In order to provide you with a better journey, Yes Sure Car Rental offers its customers to rent a car in Dubai Airport, by having the option of car delivery or pickup from any of the three terminals present in the Dubai Airport. Rent a car in Dubai Airport for just a small added fee, or you could benefit from monthly and yearly rentals and could have it for free.

Rent a car in Dubai Airport Terminal 3 also with Yes Sure Car Rental, with any car rental category available for delivery. Whether you prefer a small vehicle for your touristic adventures at a low cost in Dubai or in need for something larger, we have them all delivered at your requested Terminal or location.

Payment methods can be completed by cash or by card, whatever is more convenient to you.

The main reason why Yes Sure Car Rental offers passengers to rent a car in Dubai Airport is because being in a rush is not the right state of mind to be in. Unless you want to walk for a long distances in order to ride the Metro or pick up a Taxi, where believe me can be somehow far due to Dubai International Airport being simply huge, and if you would rather not wait for a Taxi while holding all your luggage and gifts, then renting a car in Dubai Airport seems more substantial upon your arrival or departure. Never have the need to rush, when you let this factor be present, you might lose focus on other things such as personal belongings. Always check for your mobile phones, wallets, wrist watches and glasses when leaving the Dubai International Airport, according to a DIA spokesperson these are the most lost items tourists and other passengers mistakenly leave behind, in addition to the handbag.

So again, renting a car in Dubai Airport helps you find time and room when loading your luggage into your rented car parked at your preferred Terminal parking or location.

What differs us from other Rental Companies is that not only you don’t have to wait for a Taxi to take home (which costs you around the price of a car rental for a day or even more), but you don’t have to wait in line at the Dubai Airport car rental to fill out, pay and check the car.  You could easily get the paperwork done in nearly 5 minutes at the parking with us.

Contact our customer representatives or send an inquiry through our website for questions regarding car rental in Dubai Airport, prices, delivery terms and make sure to check out our car rental for tourists section, have a safe journey.