Terms and conditions


The minimum rental period is 24 hours. Our rates are quoted in UAE dirhams (AED) and are subject to change without prior notice. Rental amount paid is not refundable.


All vehicles has to be returned with the same quantity of fuel as delivered. Refueling and service charges at 1.5 times the market price of fuel are applied in case cars are returned with a lower quantity of fuel.


The above rates include Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance – Excess, Maintenance, Vehicle Replacement; or you can opt for our optional insurance scheme as follows:
CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) @AED 450/- per month (Full Insurance)
In case of any faulty accident including HIT & RUN, a deductible amount of AED 1500/- per accident is applicable, in addition to the days car is parked for repair; except where Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) has been accepted and purchased.


In the event of an accident, you must notify the police immediately. You should not move the vehicle until the police issue a report. Failure to submit a police report to Yes Sure Car Rental will render you liable for all cost incurred as a result of the accident. Call Police at 999.

Terms of Payment

The cost of rental and insurance charges are payable in advance either in cash, debit cards or through credit cards. Rental Amount paid is not-refundable. A pre-authorization on the credit card can be taken at the time of rental for Salik (road toll charges) and traffic fines or a security deposit (SD) amount of AED 1500/- in cash will be taken. SD is refundable after 21 working days upon the return of the rented car.

Salik Fee

A AED 5/- fee will be charged each time the vehicle passes through a Salik gate in Dubai

Traffic Fines

For every traffic and municipality fine incurred during the rental period, you will be charged a AED 30/ fee to cover administration costs. All costs related to car confiscation will be charged to customer.

Cross border policy

Vehicles cannot be driven outside the UAE.


Mileage limit for daily rental is 140 km per day. Limited mileage for all monthly and long term leases is up to 5,000 km per month. Any accrued mileage beyond limit is charged at 20 fils per km.

Driving License

All drivers must possess a locally accepted driving license that has been valid for at least 6 months. UAE residents require a valid UAE license. Visitors should present a valid national and international driving license from their country of origin. Please refer to our agents for further details.

Additional Drivers

You can add additional drivers as long as each one meets “Yes Sure’s” driver qualifications. Each additional driver will be charged AED 50/.


Renters must be at least 21 years old for rental. Special terms and conditions regarding insurance will be applied on renters below 25 years old. Please refer to our customer service for further details.

Delivery & Collection

Delivery within city limits is free for monthly rentals. For daily & weekly rentals, minimum delivery charge of AED 50/ is applicable. We can collect cars within limits during normal office hours where a minimum charge of AED 50/ will be levied. Charges are according to location of pick-up and drop-off.

Car Registration

A copy of the car registration must always be available in the car. Customers who travel or reside in Sharjah or Ajman are required to have the original registration in order to avoid penalties; Customers must inform our customer service agents for the request of original registration. Failure to do so will incur customer responsible for any fine. In case of lost original registration, a 250 AED/ will be charged.


ALL our cars are “NON-Smoking”. Sustained cigarette odor in the car observed at the time of service/off-hire will attract a charge of 200 AED/.


Keeping the car interior/exterior clean at all times is the customer’s responsibility. Dirty cars coming for service or off-hire will attract ‘appropriate’ cleaning charges.

Service & Maintenance

Customers are required to inform our agents at customer service for periodic service as per the kilometer specified on the service reminder sticker on the driver seat side at left door.

Other Charges
Description Charge Amount (AED)
Sticker Removal 50
Un-authorized tinting 175
Delivery & Pick-up (per trip) within city limits Min. 50
Fuel- per bar (over fuel not refundable) 15
Interior Cleaning 350
Cigarette burn (per portion) 150
Smoking smell 200
Additional Driver 50
Freezing Service 100
Excess Mileage (per kilometer) 0.2